Greetings All and welcome to OurStory Network Home location.

For those of you who are first-time visitors, I want you to know, this is an unapologetic communicator who has spent many years researching the plight of Black People in America and throughout the world. This is the place where you will hear the Truth, the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help our Ancestors. We do not take likely the position the white world has placed the Black in and we are not trying to influence or change your perspectives on race relations in the world. We are here to take a stand on what has happened to the Black Race since the introduction of the white alien race. Not only has the alien race inhabit the Earth, they also rule the Earth. Now, do not get it twisted with the use of the term alien; this is not a Sci-fi adventure, but rather an adventure into the abyss that created and maintains slavery today. As the records indicate, there has been more information hidden then allowed to be entered into the academic materials known as course work. Because of these misinformed curriculums, the Black Race has been rendered inadequate and inconsequential to the development of Human Nature. It is therefore necessary for the New Black Scholars to set the record straight by allowing the Truth to surface and become fact.

To our family, who has been with OurStory over the years, we welcome you on our journey to reclaim the Black Birth Rights and our lawful position as Stewards of the Earth. I thank those of you who have purchased the first of a series, OurStory-The Original Holocaust, as a means of opening the flow of information necessary for the revelations of the Truth about the Black Race to be finally placed in the arena of world politics. To those who want to get a copy of OurStory-The Original Holocaust can use this site to facilitate the purchase of the book. A copy sold for $ 39.95 and there are more than 400 pages of solid research, activism, and advocacy surrounding the plight of the Black Race in the 20th and 21st centuries with references to the plight of the Black Race prior to Kemet.. As many of you are aware of our weekly television broadcast, OurStory, on New Orleans Access Television in New Orleans, which also can be view on our YouTube Channel (ourstorynetworktvshow), and our Vimeo Channel (ourstorynetwork). As a manor of programming, we tackle the tough question concerning the Black Community and take positions that Black People can rest their futures on.

We want to prepare you for our next book, covering The Reparation Question, which will introduce new approaches to The Reparation Question, that will bring the Truth about repair and reconciliation. We will be giving updates on the release of this powerful scholarship that can and will put The Reparations Question to rest. Now, before we start getting all of the comments about being racist, we have no problem with that. Just like all ethnic groups, we maintain the right to be biased towards our race. We maintain the right to promote our race. And we reserve the right to call those who are race haters and/or saboteurs out for their wicked deeds. So, if you are of the persuasion of being weak at heart or just can’t stand the Truth about who the white Race is and what they have done to the detriment of Black People, you may want to check out the next stop on the good ship Negro. If you are up for the ride, buckle up and enjoy the journey. As always; Stay Strong, Stay Black, and most important, Stay Committed to Blackness.
Black Power, Power to the People and Free the Land, by any Means Necessary,
Wes “W.C. Johnson