OurStory -The Original Holocaust


OurStory -The Original Holocaust, is a book of travel and historic recording. The book talks about the origins of the Original Man, interwoven with the complexities of racism. This is a moving story of how the Black Race ended up being the last race on the latter while other ethnic groups denied the Black Race of their god-given Birth Rights. All while, other ethnic races stand on the shoulders of the Black Race to enable themselves an existence they would have never enjoy their own productivity. 

The book also challenges the accounts of Black Leaders forging a path of reconciliation with the given course of natural law versus Natures Law. Many scholars (of all ethnicities), who have changed the course of modern education with findings and recalculations of early mythology. They now have to reposition themselves with the new scholarship, engineering a better understanding of what actually happened from the beginning to the present time. Literally, the stories handed down from generation to generation concerning the origins of where man evolved and who evolved are now being rewritten.

The book, OurStory-The Original Holocaust, also encompasses the accounts of Black Activism/Black Advocacy in New Orleans, Louisiana. This looks at how the Black Community came together to fight criminal conspiracies placated by the New Orleans Police Department. It also explores the progress and damage Black Leadership has caused over the years, with an actual conversation among a multi-cultural grouping of people.

This book examines comparisons between American society with African society. A unique look into an African Leader who many racially conscience groups tried to assassinate during this world leader tenure. The differences between life on American soil and life on African soil, by a person who is Culturally balanced and ethnically grounded, lends an insightful comparison to question people may raise in thoughts of moral aptitude. What a refreshing relief from the normal aptitude test of: if it’s white it’s right if its brown stick around if it’s Black step back. Good reading people! 

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